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Max Pump2 Pro

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Ultimate Inflation Power - Max Pump2 Pro


  • Compact Design: Measure the power of portability with dimensions of 77mm * 57.5mm * 51.5mm, making it easy to carry wherever your adventures take you.


  • Incredible Output: Boasting a remarkable 17W power, the Max Pump2 Pro delivers efficient and powerful inflation for various inflatable products.

Battery Capacity:

  • 3600mAh Lithium Battery: Enjoy prolonged usage with a high-capacity battery, ensuring you're always ready for your next inflation task.

Charging Time:

  • Rapid Charging: Recharge your Max Pump2 Pro in just 6 hours, providing a quick turnaround for your inflation needs.


  • Lightweight Champion: Weighing only 160g, the Max Pump2 Pro is your feather-light companion for effortless inflation on the go.

Lighting Function:

  • Illuminate Your Path: With a built-in lighting function, the Max Pump2 Pro doubles as a reliable light source for your outdoor adventures.

Inflation Mastery:

  • Versatile Applications: Effortlessly inflate large products like boats and beds with ease, thanks to the Max Pump2 Pro's powerful inflation capabilities.
  • Dual Modes: Tailor your inflation experience with High Mode and Low Mode, catering to various inflation needs and product types.

Illuminating Brightness:

  • High Lumens Output: With an impressive 500 lumens on high, the Max Pump2 Pro lights up your surroundings effectively.
  • Long-lasting: Enjoy up to 12 hours of continuous use on high brightness and an impressive 76 hours on low brightness (50 lumens).

Wireless Convenience:

  • Outdoor-Ready: Designed for outdoor use, the wireless Max Pump2 Pro lets you inflate without constraints.
  • Fast Type C Charging: Charge your pump quickly with the efficient Type C port, ensuring you spend less time charging and more time exploring.

Unleash Inflation Freedom:

Wherever your adventures take you, the Max Pump2 Pro ensures you're always prepared for quick and efficient inflation.