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MINI MAX GPS TRACKER (Children-Elderly-Pets)

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Avoid Cheap Imitations

Keep All Your Loved Ones Safe

With the MINI MAX GPS TRACKER, you can ensure the safety of all your loved ones. Ideal for the elderly, children, and pets, this device allows you to track their locations and provide assistance when needed.


Real-Time Tracking on Map

The device's real-time map tracking feature enables you to monitor the instant locations of your loved ones. This feature allows you to instantly know where they are, reducing your worries and concerns.

Emergency Alert (SOS Alarm)

The MINI MAX GPS TRACKER offers an SOS alarm feature to be used in emergencies. When your loved ones are in danger or need help, this feature allows you to be instantly notified and take necessary action.

Geofence Area Notification

The device automatically sends an alert when it goes outside of a predefined area. This feature enables you to define safe zones for your children or pets and be notified instantly if they venture beyond those zones.

Voice Monitoring

The MINI MAX GPS TRACKER includes a voice monitoring feature that allows you to listen to sounds around your loved ones. This feature enables you to provide assistance promptly when needed.