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Wireless Smart Sensor

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Cutting-Edge Technology: Introducing Our Wireless Smart Sensor

Extended Battery Life

Experience unmatched longevity with a standby time of up to 2 years on a single charge. The Wireless Smart Sensor is designed to be a reliable companion, ensuring you stay connected without the hassle of frequent recharging. With over 6000 uses, this sensor is engineered for endurance.

Efficient Power Management

Boasting an ultra-low standby current of 13UAMR, the Wireless Smart Sensor excels in energy efficiency. When the alarm is triggered, the current rises to a range of 115MA-120MA, ensuring swift response without compromising the overall battery life.

Seamless Wireless Connectivity

Leveraging 2.4 GHz wireless technology, the sensor operates on the cutting-edge IEEE 802.11 B/G/NMR standard. Enjoy a seamless connection that keeps you informed and in control, offering reliability and efficiency in every use.

Adaptable to Various Environments

From freezing temperatures to scorching heat, the Wireless Smart Sensor is built to withstand the extremes. Operating flawlessly in temperatures ranging from 0ᄚC to 40ᄚC (32F-104F) and a humidity range of 20% to 85%, it ensures reliable performance in diverse conditions.

Robust Storage Capability

Designed to adapt to your storage needs, the sensor maintains functionality in storage temperatures from 0ᄚC to 60ᄚC (32F-140F) and a humidity range of 0% to 90%. Whether in transit or in long-term storage, count on this sensor to deliver consistent performance.

Versatile Compatibility

Compatible with ANDROID 4.4 and LIFESO8.0, the Wireless Smart Sensor seamlessly integrates into your existing smart ecosystem. Stay connected and in control with ease, regardless of your device preference.

Compact Design for Effortless Integration

The main body of the sensor measures 71mm x 25mm x 20mm, while the smaller body comes in at 36mm x 10mm x 17mm. The compact design ensures easy integration into various environments, allowing you to discreetly monitor and secure your space.

Upgrade your monitoring capabilities with the Wireless Smart Sensor – a blend of cutting-edge technology, extended battery life, and versatile adaptability. Secure your surroundings effortlessly. Order now and experience the future of wireless sensor technology.