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Pickleball Paddle Set

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Elevate Your Game with USAPA-Approved Excellence: Pickleball Paddle Set

Embark on a journey of pickleball excellence with our USAPA-approved pickleball paddle set, meticulously designed to transform your tournaments into thrilling experiences. This high-performance set is your ticket to a new level of gameplay, offering features that enhance control, spin, and overall precision.

Innovative Shock Absorption: Honeycomb Core Technology

Experience a quieter and more focused game with our pickleball paddle set, featuring a shock-absorbing honeycomb core. This innovative technology not only minimizes impact noise but also ensures a smoother, more enjoyable playing experience for both you and your opponents. Elevate your concentration and amplify the joy of the game with this cutting-edge feature.

Precision Control: Elongated Handle Design

Gain a competitive edge with the elongated handle design of our pickleball paddles. This feature provides increased control and spin on the ball, allowing you to execute precise shots effortlessly. Take command of the court and enjoy the confidence that comes with superior control – a game-changer for any pickleball enthusiast.

Premium Performance Package: Graphite Surface, Strengthened Grip

Our paddle set is a winning combination of a shock-absorbing core, graphite surface, and strengthened grip. This dynamic trio ensures optimal performance on the court, giving you the tools needed to dominate your opponents. Experience the perfect blend of power, finesse, and durability in every game.

Top-Notch Durability and Edge Protection

Invest in a pickleball paddle set that promises years of enjoyable play. Our premium set is built with durability in mind, ensuring it withstands the rigors of intense gameplay. The edge protection adds an extra layer of longevity, making this set your reliable companion for countless tournaments.
Prepare to conquer the court and make a lasting impression with our top-notch pickleball paddle set!


  • Weight (g): 9.5-10.5 oz
  • Shape: Oval with Central Sweet Point
  • Racket Length Category: Regular Grade
  • Racket Face Classification: MP Racket Surface (Universal)
  • Origin: China
  • Length (cm): 40cm
  • Face Material: Glass Fiber
  • Face Width: 20cm
  • Balance Point: Light Tip (Intercept/Professional Type)

Package Includes

  • Set: Pickleball paddle x2, complimentary pickleball x4, complimentary carrying bag x 1
  • 1pc: Pickleball paddle x1, paddle cover x 1