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RFID Card Case

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Elevate Your Essentials: Stainless Steel + PU Organizer

Superior Material Blend: Stainless Steel + PU

Indulge in the perfect fusion of durability and sophistication with our Stainless Steel + PU Organizer. The combination of stainless steel and premium PU material ensures a product that stands the test of time while exuding an air of refined elegance.

Feather-Light Companion: Just 90g

Experience the convenience of a lightweight organizer that won't weigh you down. Weighing in at just 90g, this accessory seamlessly fits into your everyday carry without adding unnecessary bulk.

Compact yet Capacious: Specification Size 96 * 65 * 13mm

In a world of compact design, our Stainless Steel + PU Organizer strikes the perfect balance between size and capacity. With dimensions of 96 * 65 * 13mm, it's compact enough to slip into your pocket yet spacious enough to accommodate your essentials.

Organized Interior: Change Bit, Certificate Bit, Card Bit

Unveil an internal structure that prioritizes organization. The Stainless Steel + PU Organizer boasts dedicated compartments for your change, certificates, and cards, ensuring everything has its designated place for quick and easy access.

Stylishly Practical: A Visual and Functional Delight

Embrace an organizer that not only serves its purpose but does so with style. The sleek design, coupled with the practicality of its internal structure, makes this accessory a visual and functional delight.

Unveil the Essentials: Change Bit, Certificate Bit, Card Bit

  • Change Bit: Keep your loose change in check with a dedicated compartment.
  • Certificate Bit: Safeguard your important documents with a specialized certificate bit.
  • Card Bit: Stay organized with a designated space for your cards, ensuring easy retrieval when needed.

Elevate your organizational game with the Stainless Steel + PU Organizer – where style meets functionality in a compact and lightweight design. Redefine your daily carry with an accessory that effortlessly blends into your lifestyle.