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Self-moving Kitten Toys

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Unleash Playful Adventures with the Self-Moving Kitten Toy!

Interactive Kitty Bliss

Discover the epitome of feline entertainment with our Self-Moving Kitten Toy! Designed for indoor play and training, this smart ball is set to become your cat's new favorite pastime, ensuring hours of interactive fun.

Smart Activation

No more searching for the on/off switch – our self-moving toy is one step ahead! The ball automatically turns on when slapped, initiating a world of excitement for your curious kitty. Watch as your cat's instincts kick in, and let the playtime extravaganza begin!

Intelligent Standby Mode

Worried about energy consumption? Fear not! After 5 minutes of operation, the ball seamlessly transitions into standby mode, conserving energy and ensuring a longer battery life. In smart mode, the ball reactivates with a gentle slap, keeping the entertainment going with minimal effort.

Rechargeable Wonder

Bid farewell to disposable batteries! Our self-moving kitten toy is rechargeable, allowing you to indulge your cat in endless play sessions. Simply recharge and watch as your cat continues to pounce, swat, and chase with delight.


  • Material: ABS/Silicone
  • Size: 4.3cm in diameter
  • Battery Capacity: 80mAh

Keep your cat active, engaged, and entertained with the innovative features of our Self-Moving Kitten Toy. From smart activation to rechargeable convenience, this toy is designed to bring joy to your feline friend's playtime adventures!